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Payment Policy


Any customer subscribed to Claro's website, www.claropr.com, can access their bill, control their data and be able to make monthly payments of all the accounts that he/she has registered.
The purpose is to provide a tool that is effective, fast and easy to use. At the same time, it can allow and assure customer satisfaction, complying with the established processes for payment application in the corresponding account without delay.


Claro bills for its services on a monthly basis, according to its already established billing cycles.
The service that Claro provides through its website permits you to keep up to thirteen (13) bills. This helps you analyze your cellular telephone costs, generate predefined reports and makes monthly reconciliations easier.

Payments and Objections
All bills are due and should be paid in their entirety twenty (20) days from the date it is sent out. Upon receiving it, you have the right to object any charges that were billed, in accordance with Law 33 of June 27, 1985, on or before the payment due date. You are not obliged to pay for the objected charges while they are in the process of being investigated.
If you decide, and it is convenient to use the Claro web page for making payment, you can do so during the seven (7) days of the week, 24 hours a day. Any payment made will be applied to your cellular account the same business day.
Payments that you make for each registered account have to be carried out one by one, one per account. Remember that for the payment to be properly applied the account has to be registered in the website.
One of the benefits of the website is that you can confirm that the payment was properly applied to the corresponding cellular account the same business day in the Payment History section. You can also confirm the balance the following month or by calling the Service Coordinator at 787-759-6000.

Late Fees
Claro will apply a charge of 1.5% of the balance due for overdue balances from the new cut off of the billing cycle (balances with late payments due of previous bills).

Payment Methods
You can make your payments with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), direct debit (ACH or bank account) or through Banco Popular's ATH service.

Overdue Bill Notices
The overdue bill notice will be reflected in the first page of your bill ACCOUNT SUMMARY Section, TOTAL ENDING BALANCE line. The Ending Balance should be paid in its entirety because the service could be suspended at any time. The reconnection entails a charge of twenty dollars ($20.00) by each line and could require an additional deposit.

Further Measures
The customer will be required to pay, at minimum, the total amount of overdue payments in order to get the cellular service re-connected. Any reconnection has a charge of $20.00 by line.
Upon completing these restrictions on an account that continues to have ending (pending) balances, a final bill will be generated. If the debtor is interested in reinstating his cellular telephone service, he/she will have to pay the total debt and request a new service through the Service Coordinator by calling 787-759-6000. The Service Coordinator can help you in two aspects; processing the payment and proceed with the reconnection of the service.

Payment Claims
It is important that you keep evidence of your payments through eBill. If the payment is not reflected on your cellular account, contact the Service Coordinator by calling 787-759-6000 so that an investigation is originated. The Service coordinator will request evidence of such payment to process the investigation accordingly.


Refund and Claims Policy for bill payments on www.claropr.com:
Payments made outside Claro stores may take longer to be credited to your account than payments made in an actual store. The user will have twenty (20) days from the invoice date, or as established by applicable law or rules, to submit billing or service claims in writing to the Customer Service Center Director to the following address:

Claro Customer Service
P.O. Box 70367
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Claro has a specific procedure for invoiced claim amounts in your account. User can obtain more information calling the Customer Service Department at 787-763-3333 or dialing *611 from his cellular phone. You can also click here for more information.
Claro will conduct an investigation of your claim in conformity with the applicable law dispositions in these cases. If the twenty (20) days established by Claro to present a claim are due, Claro will not be under any obligation to investigate or make any adjustments to the client's account.
As established in the Claro Service contract, when the client makes a payment through www.claropr.com he/she accepts that Claro Puerto Rico will apply a 1.5% interest charge or the maximum charge permitted by law to all payments received after the due date, at the discretion of Claro, to the pending balance, or a steady fee of $5.00 monthly, whichever is greater. This charge will be reflected on your next bill. In accordance with said procedures, Claro can suspend the client's service if the corresponding payment has not been received by the invoice due date. The service reconnection charge is twenty dollars ($20.00) by line.
Claro will charge $10.00, or the maximum quantity permitted by law, whichever is greater, to any payment made by a bounced check or any negotiable instrument not honored for any reason by any banking or financial institution. The service reconnection charge based on service suspended by a returned payment is twenty dollars ($20.00) by line.