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If I am already registered in Mi Cuenta, do I have to register in Claro's eBill?What are the benefits of registering to Claro's eBill?What kind of information do I need to register?Can I register a Pre Paid account on eBill?Why do I have to provide my e-mail address when registering?How do I register in Claro's eBill service?After registration, when will I be able to view and pay my bills?Can I register in Claro's eBill even if I don't want to make payments through the Internet?Do I have to pay to use Claro's eBill?Where can I call if I have an inquiry about Claro's eBill?If I request a new cellular telephone line, how do I include it in this service?What type of security is granted regarding private and priviledged information of my accounts?Can my profile information be seen by others?When should I pay my cellular bill?Why should I pay my bill on time?Is it safe to make payments online using your service?How do I pay bills through Claro's eBill?What payment methods can I use in Claro's eBill?Can I make payments with my ATM card using eBill?Is there any charge associated with the payment method I use?How long does it take for a payment made through Claro's eBill to be credited?How can I verify if a payment has been processed in Claro's eBill?Why is there a pending balance reflected on Claro's eBill if I already paid?Can I cancel a payment in progress?If the payment was not applied to my account, what is the right procedure to process my claim?If I have several accounts with Claro, how can I make payments on each of them?Can I make payment on my final or disconnected account?After making my final payment on a final or disconnected account, how can I request a new service?Will I be able to check my bills from previous months?I have more than one Claro mobile number under separate account numbers. Can I see all my bills in Claro's eBill?What information can I see in Claro's eBill regarding past bills?Will I continue to receive paper bills by mail?Can I print my bill?How can I access my call records?Can I request detailed billing through the internet?How can I change the e-mail address I provided when registering?Where do I call if I lost my password?I forgot my user name or password. How can I retrieve it?How can I change my user name?How can I change my password?How many times can I change my password?Why am I not receiving my password or my payment receipts to my e-mail?How can I unsubscribe from Claro's eBill?I have a Business Account with Claro. Will I be able to see the bills for every cellular telephone line in the contract?I have a Business Account with Claro. Do I have to register every line individually in Claro's eBill?